ACSA Endorses Marshall Tuck for CA SPI

ACSA Endorses Marshall Tuck for CA SPI

The Association of California School Administrators, representing more than 17,000 California education leaders, announces today its endorsement of Marshall Tuck in the 2018 statewide election for the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Tuck’s educational agenda is built upon creating an equitable experience for students throughout California. Tuck served as President of the nonprofit Green Dot Public Schools, where he helped create 10 new public charter high schools in some of Los Angeles’ poorest neighborhoods.

“Marshall Tuck’s expertise working in and leading schools has provided him an appreciation and understanding of the complex role of school administrators in California,” said Terri Rufert, ACSA Vice President for Legislative Action. “Tuck has the most innovative and comprehensive vision for the role of SPI.”

To earn ACSA’s endorsement, Tuck went through an extensive vetting process, which included local and statewide meetings with ACSA members, as well as a formal interview process. ACSA’s endorsement of Marshall Tuck was approved by ACSA’s twenty-eight member Board of Directors.

“ACSA’s endorsement of Tuck challenges many of the traditional narratives that persist in education politics in Sacramento,” said ACSA Executive Director Dr. Wesley Smith. “ACSA is proud to endorse a candidate who not only understands education leadership but is committed to working with educational
leaders to improve student access and outcomes as well.”

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