ACSA News: Prop. 51 School Bonds Sales

ACSA News: Prop. 51 School Bonds Sales

At a press conference at the California State Capitol today, Don Ulrich, Deputy Superintendent of the Clovis Unified School District and Chair of the Coalition for Adequate School Housing, joined education officials from the California School Board Association and President Lisa Gonzales from the Association of California School Administrators to call on the Department of Finance to speed the sale and increase the size of school construction bonds. In November last year, voters passed Proposition 51 authorizing the state to sell $9 billion in school facility bonds to help address the accumulated backlog in K-12 construction projects waiting on state funding and to help chip away at the projected K-14 future facilities needs. Nearly a year later, the state has only authorized approximately $300 million in bond sales for 2017.

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