Power pro

Personal best broke.

He finally did it folks! Devin caught one that weighed in at 6.2. Beating his old P.B of 7.11. It was a short fish, with a gigantic head, a future 10 pounder. She was released as always! Thanks for watching!

Tanzanite Lure Hunt part 3

Lure Hunt part three! I hid another hand painted crankbait at Tanzanite park pond in Sacramento. First one to find it gets it. Gonna wait until around 4 to put the video out, so the folks at work have time…

Avery Pond Bass Fishing.

We hiked into Avery Pond, in the rattlesnake bar part of Folsom Lake. This pond is the pond I learned most of what I know at. Years back a friends older brother told us stories of how the would catch…