Jurassic Park: The Musical (Segment)

Jurassic Park: The Musical (Segment)

Video documentation of Paul Pescador’s performance of Jurassic Park: The Musical, which was performed at Human Resources Los Angeles in August 2019. Jurassic Park: The Musical is a three-act performance art event, which centers around Pescador’s third grade elementary school experience and his desire to transform the Michael Crichton’s novel Jurassic Park into a stage play. The overall performance becomes about naive ambitions, the scientists in Jurassic Park creating dinosaurs that they can’t control and Pescador an overzealous kid, trying to convince a class full of 10 year old kids, parents, and teachers to produce a school-wide theatrical event. This performance is part of a larger body of work, titled The Visitors about the artist’s experience growing up in the California Desert.

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