Pasadena Solar Service Provider | Semper Solaris | (213) 699-2339

Pasadena Solar Service Provider | Semper Solaris | (213) 699-2339

Pasadena Solar Service Provider | Semper Solaris | 10713 Norwalk Blvd Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 | (213) 699-2339 |

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Our services include:
1. Solar Panel Installation Pasadena
Solar panels installation is not a job that you should leave to just anybody. Solar panels are a long term investment so you must ensure the installation is handled by a reliable contractor like Semper Solaris.

For many years, we have been installing different types of solar panels to cater for different energy needs of Pasadena residents. We have a team of highly trained and experienced solar panels installation experts that will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and to perfection.

2. Solar repair Pasadena
If your solar power system is damaged, you should have it fixed by a professional. At Semper Solaris, we have worked with solar power systems for years and we know how to repair any issues that arise with any type of solar panels or batteries you may have. If needed, we only use high-quality spare parts.

3. Additional Services: Solar Battery Storage and Roofing
Having solar panels is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to harnessing solar power Pasadena. While having solar panels will help reduce your electricity bills, investing in a solar battery storage will help you break free from the yoke of utility companies as you will no longer need them. A battery helps you store solar energy to use at night or during cloudy or rainy days. If you choose to install battery storage, you can go even months without ever needing to draw energy from the grid!

Because we believe in providing you not only with the best service but also with convenience and peace of mind, Semper Solaris also offers roofing services so that you can have one point of contact for all of your home improvement projects.

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