The Drive – 4/10

The Drive – 4/10


0:02:54 Segment 1: Carmichael Dave had a long, interesting day on Tuesday.

0:21:20 Segment 2: Magic Johnson steps down. The Kings’ 2018-19 season comes to a close in Portland. The A’s finally get a win vs. the Orioles.

0:34:17 Segment 3: Magic Johnson steps down as the Lakers’ president.

0:48:50 Segment 4: The A’s snap a four-game losing streak.


1:01:48 Segment 1: Anthony Davis is doing everything wrong – including the shirts he chooses.

1:19:19 Segment 2: Threefer Madness! What’s worse than the Lakers this year? Who had the bigger impact on basketball – Dirk Nowitzki or Dwyane Wade? Kings-Blazers, who ya got?

1:33:58 Segment 3: Dissecting Magic Johnson quitting the Lakers and the fallout of their disastrous season.


2:03:21 Segment 1: Sac Republic owner Kevin Nagle joins the show to chat about the City Council vote on a new soccer stadium.

2:30:32 Segment 2: Cold Hard Facts! Jamal Crawford dropped 50 points! He’s 39 years old!

2:47:45 Segment 3: See ya!

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