CCST Expert Briefing: Orphan Wells in California

Part of CCST’s Science & Technology Week 2020, join the lead author of CCST’s report on potential orphan well liabilities in California, Judson Boomhower, Assistant Professor of Economics at UC San Diego. Learn More and Read the Full Report:

Justin Gatlin Speed Breakdown

After yesterday doing the start mechanics of Usain Bolt today I thought we could do another top sprinter’s start, Justin Gatlin. While Justin’s start is very different in the upper body, the lower body maintains many of the same biomechanics.…

PBS NewsHour full episode, Feb 7, 2020

Friday on the NewsHour, China’s government struggles to contain public outrage over its handling of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Plus: Evaluating President Trump’s economic claims in light of a strong jobs report and other data, a conversation with former Amb.…

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